C SPRIT®  fits most any boat. 

Deck mounted brackets are placed by each toe-rail approximately 10” – 12” from the bow or an alternate exterior mount can be fixed to the toe-rail or topsides.

A simple way to envisage the best location is to attach two wooden yardsticks with a bolt at one end to create a hinge. Separate these rules by about 12 " and slide it back around the forestay, where they touch your deck is approximately where the mounting brackets should be installed.

The C SPRIT® is good for for do-it yourself installation, and only requires two 3/8” through bolts on each side.

Boats are more beautiful when not encumbered by bulky equipment above deck so this is why we make it simple to remove and stow.  C SPRIT®is 100% made in USA.

See our INSTALLATION page for more instructions.  

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 Easy to install and use with gennaker 

•  Ideal for both cruisers and racers

•  Connector angle adjusts for best placement ​

•  Removes and folds for compact stowing 

•  Set, jibe and douse spinnaker safely from cockpit
•  Adjustable bobstay eliminates turnbuckle

•  Sail clears bow pulpit 

• Range of sizes for boats  18’ -  50’

•  Engineered for strength and durability patent pending



EM-1 Alternate External Mount (for CS-34,36)

​​EM-2 Alternate External Mount (for CS-30, 38 ,42, 48)


DM-1 Deck Mount ( included with  CS-30,34,36 & 42)

​​DM-2 Deck Mount (included with CS-38, 48)


​​C Sprit is a removable aftermarket carbon bowsprit for sailboats.

BK-1 bobstay kit  (SWL ~ 3000#)

​​BK-2 bobstay kit  (SWL ~ 5000#)


Why use a Bowsprit?

The C SPRIT® is a modernized version of the traditional bowsprit used to improve downwind sailing. Sailors have known for centuries that deploying extra canvas in front of a sailing vessel is fast. 

Reasons for  improved  performance are:

1.  Extending the tack point beyond the limits of the deck allows boats to carry more sail area.

2. Moving the center of effort forward stabilizes boat trim and requires less speed robbing steering corrections.

3.  Sails are more efficient when projected further in front of the mast as they are less affected by disturbed air from the mainsail.

4.  Sail handling and maneuvering is simplified.

Sizing the C SPRIT® for your boat

The C SPRIT® number indicates length in inches.

Use calculator to help select best sprit for you.


​CS-34 for boats 18'-24' LOA. (SWL ~1000#)

This is our smallest unit that extends tack approx. 21".

CS-36 for boats 20’-30' LOA. (SWL ~ 2000#) 

Projects the tack approximately 23" in front of the bow

CS-30 for boats 30’-40' LOA.  (SWL ~ 3000#) 

It is a sturdy and stubby version ideal for the cruising sailor.

It projects the tack point approximately 17" in front of the bow.

CS-42 for boats 30'-40' LOA. (SWL ~ 3000#)

Is a high performance version of the CS-30 and will project the tack point approximately 29" in front of the bow.

CS-48 for boats 40’-50' LOA.  (SWL ~ 5000#)

This beefed up version will project the tack approximately
34" in front of the bow