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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​            Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do C SPRITs require a bobstay attachment?
Yes, the C SPRIT
® resists vertical forces by using a bobstay.

s work with endless loop furling units?
Yes, code zero furlers and top down furlers work well

with the C SPRIT®.

3. Will my spinnaker fly better with a C SPRIT®.

Yes, ​gennakers and asymmetrical  spinnakers are much easier to fly when projected forward of the bow.

4. I have a headsail furler on my forestay, will a C SPRIT
® fit around it?
Yes, ​the  separation usually spans  most furling units or bow rollers and in some cases the separation can be increased by an extending plate.

5. Can I install a C SPRIT
® given my boat has an anchor locker?
Yes, the mountings are to the side and usually clear these lockers.

6. Can I leave the C SPRIT
® permanently mounted?
Yes, however they are easy to remove and stow below deck which will reduce cosmetic UV degradation.

7. Can I install it myself?
Yes, they require only four carefully positioned deck through bolts.  See install page for more details.

8. Can I set and retrieve my spinnaker from the cockpit.
Yes, when a tackline is led aft to the cockpit this is easily achieved.

9. How do I jibe my spinnaker?
Jibe from your cockpit, by using a lazy sheet led around the forestay.

10. Can I install if my pulpit supports, or deck cleats are at the location recommended for each mounting bracket?
Yes, use extender plates ( see image 2 on installation page) or use the alternate exterior mount option EM-1 or EM-2.

11. Can I install if my toe rail extends to the front of my bow?
Yes, just raise mounting brackets on a hardwood  shim to clear obstruction.

12. Can I install if my deck is cambered?
Yes, just shim mounting bracket level to accommodate camber.

13. Will my PHRF rating be affected?
Probably not.  Indications are that t PHRF will be not change your rating if the sail area is not

increased and you eliminate using  the spinnaker pole.

14. Does the C SPRIT
® come with bobstay and bobstay anchor?
Yes, the bobstay kit and SS U-bolt are included as an option.

15. Does the C SPRIT® rotate upwards?

Yes, When the adjustable  bobstay is eased the bowsprit can rotate upwards.

16. Do C SPRITs require a line or strops to hold them horizontal?

No. The deck mounting brackets support sprit in a horizontal position and prevent flopping,

however they will require a strop when externally mounted.

17. Will my gennaker no longer snag on my bow pulpit?

No. The projection forward make the sail fly free of the pulpit and no longer will snag when gybing.

18. Are C SPRITs guaranteed?
THE LIMITED CUSTOMER WARRANTY This limited warranty applies for a period of 12 months from date of purchase for all products purchased from Rubicon Marine Products LLC when used by private individuals only and installed on boats used exclusively for recreational purposes. The Owner’s sole and exclusive remedy under this limited WARRANTY for original defects in materials or workmanship of a Rubicon Marine Products LLC product shall be the repair or replacement (when installed according to manufacturers guidelines and used for intended purpose as outlined in the Owners Manual) of the defective part or component, at no charge to the owner of the product.