5. Apply caulking and bolt through backing plates.

6. Install a strap to hold sprit at horizontal position.

3. Drill holes through hull for brackets one at a time.​ Re-check alignment

for centerline prior to drilling other side.

4. Sand shim to form a wedge so bracket snuggly aligns with hull.

1. With the mounting brackets attached to the sprit, spread  to the prescribed separation per table above.

3. Install the U-bolt which will form the anchor point of the bobstay.

4. Attach a dyneema adjustable bobstay with a 3 to 1 purchase and lead  to bow deck cleat or cockpit.

Installation Deck Mount

The C SPRIT® requires placement of two deck mounted brackets and a bobstay attachment point.
1. Locate the mounting brackets  just aft of the bow and just inside the toe-rail. See table below for spacing:

C Sprit Bowsprit

Alternate Installation External Mount

Occasionally existing  hardware may prevent deck mounting.  In such cases  use the EM-1 or EM-2 external mounting brackets.  Affix to the toe rail, or bolt through the topsides.

2. Rotate the bracket while attached to sprit to the position that most closely aligns will hull. Mark where they touch topsites, this is where the brackets should be mounted.

2. Shim mounting brackets level, align bracket with sprit axis. Drill holes through the deck one at a a time.  

Re-check alignment before drilling second bracket.  Apply caulking and install bolts.

Detailed instructions are provided in our installationmanual.  

Concerned with installation issues?  Email us with photos so we can help you choose the best mounting solutions for your boat.