CS-42 mounted on custom extender plates on Reliance 12M

C SPRITING on San Francisco Bay.

C SPRITING the Channel Islands, CA USA.

Custom rings for tackline & adjustable bobstay

C SPRITING across Norway - Sweden border.

CS-36  on a Hunter 280

CS-30  on a Sparkman & Stevens 34

C SPRITING on Lake Ontario with Code 0

CS-42 with alternative EM-2 mounting brackets

Custom mounts on toerail on Choate 40

CS-30 customized tack lead

CS-34  on Beneteau First 25 flying

a Code Zero in Germany

​CS-42 bowsprit on a Contessa 33

CS-48  bowsprit on a Beck 62 footer 

with custom external tang mounts

CS-36  on a J-30

CS-36 on an Olson 30

CS-48  on a Beneteau 50

CS-48 installed on a Santa Cruz 40

CS-30 on a Ronautica 330 with external mount EM-2

CS-48 on new IRC racer Regatta 40 built by

Mistral Marine Spain

CS-42 on  a J-32

CS-42 with external mount in Japan

Endless loop furler on CS-42

A sprit using custom SS extender brackets

C SPRITING in Norway 

CS-30 on a Ericson 35

CS-36 bowsprit on a Martin-242

CS-42  on an  Elvstrom 20 

CS-48 on an O'day 39

Custom extender plate inserted under stanchion bracket on a Hunter 280

CS-34 on a Santana 20

CS-42 on an Harbor 25

CS-48  on an Express 37

Custom mount to clear offset bow roller on J-32


​​CS-42 bow sprit above anchor on Hunter 34

​​C SPRITING Santa Monica Bay CA, USA .

C SPRITING off  Pt. Conception CA, USA