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THE LIMITED CUSTOMER WARRANTY This limited warranty applies for a period of 12 months from date of purchase for all products purchased from Rubicon Marine Products LLC when used by private individuals only and installed on boats used exclusively for recreational purposes. The Owner’s sole and exclusive remedy under this limited WARRANTY for original defects in materials or workmanship of a Rubicon Marine Products LLC product shall be the repair or replacement (when installed according to manufacturers guidelines and used for intended purpose as outlined in the Owners Manual) of the defective part or component, at no charge to the owner of the product..

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​INSIDE CALIFORNIA                                      USA                                  INTERNATIONAL

                                                               OR CANADA                              

​​​​​​​​​​​​Included - carbon fiber bowsprit with delrin or noryl ends,  clear coated with UV high gloss . - deck mounts (DM1 or DM2) 316 SS bracket with SS or marine anodized 6061 pins

- 316 SS bolts,nuts & washer

Alternate External Mounting - (EM1 or EM2) 6061 aluminum marine anodized 

- 6061 aluminum marine anodized backing plates

- 316 SS bolt, nuts & washers

- 316 SS locking pins

Deck mount brackets are typically excluded when ordering  External Mounts.
If you want a set of  DM1/DM2 as well as the external mount, request in "notes to seller" when ordering and they will be included at no additional charge.

Optional - Adjustable bob-stay kit including,  dyneema line and a 304 SS U-bolt .