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  ​​What They Say About C SPRIT®

  • This is the new way of doing bowsprits.” - Joe Poire, Ventus Navigation Systems, Newport Beach , CA.
  • "​Hi Rod, I have been using the new sprit. It makes sailing downwind quite easy and helps me win regattas so I am very happy. Great experience." Thanks Francisco, Skipper of Ronautiica 330, Spain.
  • "The CS-42 works great on my 20 foot Elvstrøm. It took me 20 minutes to install and 1 hour later we were blasting at 8-9 knots crossing the border between Norway and Sweden at 58 degree north on the 13th of May. This is almost as far north as Anchorage. We were 3 guys on the rail far aft with 12 to 15 knots wind. Our new bowsprit is extremely light and setting up and handling the gennaker has not been easier. Great fun even though the water temp was only 10 degree Celsius." Mikael S. Bekkevold-Fredrikstad,Norway. 
  • ​The C SPRIT® works great.  No more wrapping my asym around the forestay.  It is also easy to install then take off and stow when we are back at the docks.  My clever rigger did a nice job fabricating a SS bracket to clear my bow roller. Lewis Lanier, J-32, San Fransisco, CA.
  • "I love my C SPRIT®." - Bob Kettenhoffen, Skipper of DARE, Beck 60, Newport Beach, CA.
  • "The C SPRIT®. was vital to our 2nd place result in the very competitive  Seal Beach to Dana Point Race. We were able to get downwind sails up sooner and could not have flown our gennakers at the apparent wind angles without it. The C SPRIT®. also makes peeling asymmetrical spinnakers a real breeze. When we got to the Dana Point Yacht Club and were swapping stories with the other boats, they were impressed with the number of sail changes we did throughout the day, and noticed we were first to have a gennaker up and flying  which gave us a huge advantage."  PEACEMAKER Oday 39, CA.
  • "I have raced PHRF with my CS-30 twice now on my Tripp 33.  It's great and everything works just right" George Pawle, Marblehead MA.
  • ​"I installed the C SPRIT®  today and did my first short trip using a Code Zero. They worked perfect together." Martin Fuerst, Beneteau First 25, Stande, Germany.
  • We have studied the aftermarket bowsprits and we like C SPRIT® the best.  - John Franta,  Manager Colligo Marine, CA.
  • “A great choice for any racer, cruiser, or short-handed sailor.” - Harry Pattison- Elliott Pattison Sails, Newport Beach, CA.
  • “Well received at the Annapolis Boat Show.” - Mark Ploch, Doyle Sails, City Island, NY.
  • “Looks like a great product... very innovative.” - Peter Isler, Sailing Professional, San Diego CA.
  • “Installation was very easy on my O’Day 39 and the asymmetrical spinnaker sets and gybes are a breeze. I highly recommend C SPRIT®  to both cruising and racing sailors” -Mike Price, Ullman Sails, Newport Beach, CA.
  • My C SPRIT® works as advertised.” -Dan Schrantz , Hunter 34, FL.
  • “Our C SPRIT® has simplified jibes during racing and allows the kite to fly well clear of the bow pulpit.  We now spend more time focusing on sail trim and our next maneuver.” - Robin Basham, Ericson 35, Manager of Rigworks, San Diego CA.
  •  “I bought a C SPRIT®  to help control my spinnaker easier on my Santa Cruz 40. The sprit has been working well and is performing perfectly from a structural, functional and design perspective.” -Jim Murphy, SSS, San Francisco Bay, CA.
  • “I chose a C SPRIT® after many hours reviewing single tubes and A frame configurations made from alloy, steel and carbon. I especially like the triangulated design with quick release pins and folding ability for compact stowage. I look forward to improved light air performance and ease of sail handling during an upcoming circumnavigation of Australia and solo Tasman Sea race adventures." -Kevin Le Poidevin, Sigma 36, Port Stephens, Australia.
  • "Huge improvement on the clunky aluminum tubes that used to dominate the market." -Eric Lambert, PSSA Staff Commodore, Marina del Rey, CA.
  • Thank goodness I don't have to turn on the motor when returning to the marina after a Sunday sail any more. The C SPRIT® allows me to fly my gennaker with ease. Steve Robbins, Catalina 27, Galveston TX.
  • “There was much interest at my yacht club as I installed my new C SPRIT®. It works like a treat and I am very happy with my purchase.” - Nick Mather, Reliance 12M, Lake Ontario, Canada.
  • “I anticipate a strong demand for the C SPRIT®, especially when combined with top-down or code zero furlers.” - Rob Muschamp,   Bainbridge International /Karver, Canton, MA.
  • “Our A-2 spinnaker works very well with these bowsprits here in SoCal.” - Sam Heck.  Quantum Sails, Long Beach, CA
  •  "I can report that peak gusts broke the 40-knot barrier (42 knots peak on our instruments), and the vessel was much more controllable during the steep, swampy seas than if we were simply flying it tacked to the bow. The CS-48 C SPRIT® not only opens up the “slot” between the main and the spinnaker, but it also changes the boat’s geometry, giving her more “punch” when maneuvering through waves." - Mike Price Ullman Sails, 2016 Islands Race, CA.
  • “Flying the spinnaker from the C SPRIT®made helming a joy with finger tip control. Much more fun than poling out the spinnaker and fighting roundups with each passing swell.”  Co-Skipper Rubicon III Chris Laubach 2016 winner Guadalupe Island Race, CA.
  • “Six point to point races this summer, five wins, one second. The C SPRIT®  has allowed me to focus more on my shorthanded sailing, and less on sail handling.” - Rod Percival, PSSA  Singlehanded Sailor & Fleet Captain, Marina del Rey, CA.
  • "The Silverudder Challenge off Svendenborg, Denmark was great and we had over 400 single-handed boats doing the 140 nm course.  The new C SPRIT® worked very well with my Code Zero spinnaker."  Martin Fuerst, Skipper Beneteau First 25, Germany. 
  • Hi Rod, I'm sorry I haven't sent you a photo of our C SPRIT® in action on our Santana 20,  but at least here is one of the installation. We used it a number of times with the Code zero and it is fantastic! Best, Graeme